J. Michael Kaufman, Esq.
Barron, Peck, Bennie & Schlemmer, L.P.A.
3074 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Telephone (513) 721-1350
Email: JMK@BPBSLAW.com

BAR Admission
Spring 1993 State of Ohio; U.S. District Court, S.D. Ohio
Professional Experience      1993 - Present       Sole Practitioner
Law practice primarily dedicated to family law.
Member of Cincinnati Bar Association, Cincinnati Collaborative Collaborative Family Law Steering Committee, Trained Mediator, Trained Guardian Ad Litem
  2004 - Present Mediator with the Center for Resolution of Disputes
Independent contractor with Center
Trained by Jim elamed, Eugene, Oregon 2004
  1992 - 1994 Phyllis G. Bossin Co. L.P.A. - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Associate/Associate in Training
Litigation, Litigation Preparation, Oral rguments,Settlement Conferences, Depositions, Legal Research, Draft Memoranda, conduct Discovery, Interview Potential Clients, Manage and Maintain Client Relationships.
  1990 - 1992 McCaslin, Imbus and McCaslin - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Law Clerk
Legal Research, Drafted Memoranda, Prepared Litigation, Monitored Trials, Observed Mediation Hearings, Documented And Summarized Depositions, Interviewed Witnesses, Analyzed Medical Records and Expenses, Notary Public.br>  
  1988 - 1989 Frost and Jacobs - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Assisted Paralegals, Summarized Depositions, Videotaped Depositions, Prepared Litigation Exhibits, Delivered Documents.
LAW SCHOOL 1989 - 1992 Salmon P. Chase College of Law
Highland Heights, Kentucky 41076 

Collaborative Law Litigation Attorney Guardian Ad Litem Mediator