J. Michael Kaufman, Esq.
Barron, Peck, Bennie & Schlemmer, L.P.A.
3074 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Telephone (513) 721-1350
Email: JMK@BPBSLAW.com

BAR Admission
Spring 1993 State of Ohio; U.S. District Court, S.D. Ohio
Professional Experience      1993 � Present       Sole Practitioner
Law practice primarily dedicated to family law.
Member of Cincinnati Bar Association, Cincinnati Collaborative Collaborative Family Law Steering Committee, Trained Mediator, Trained Guardian Ad Litem
  2004 � Present Mediator with the Center for Resolution of Disputes
Independent contractor with Center
Trained by Jim elamed, Eugene, Oregon 2004
  1992 � 1994 Phyllis G. Bossin Co. L.P.A. - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Associate/Associate in Training
Litigation, Litigation Preparation, Oral rguments,Settlement Conferences, Depositions, Legal Research, Draft Memoranda, conduct Discovery, Interview Potential Clients, Manage and Maintain Client Relationships.
  1990 � 1992 McCaslin, Imbus and McCaslin - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Law Clerk
Legal Research, Drafted Memoranda, Prepared Litigation, Monitored Trials, Observed Mediation Hearings, Documented And Summarized Depositions, Interviewed Witnesses, Analyzed Medical Records and Expenses, Notary Public.br>  
  1988 � 1989 Frost and Jacobs - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Assisted Paralegals, Summarized Depositions, Videotaped Depositions, Prepared Litigation Exhibits, Delivered Documents.
LAW SCHOOL 1989 1992 Salmon P. Chase College of Law
Highland Heights, Kentucky 41076 

Collaborative Law Litigation Attorney Guardian Ad Litem Mediator